Information For The Client

From the legal point of view,Information for the client the client enters the co-operation with Dual signing a “Contract of mediation” delegating full responsibility for the execution of mandate in accordance with the agreed terms and in agreed form to Dual. Based on mutual agreement, it is possible to apply the method of direct search, advertising, combination of both, or other procedures.

Signing such contract obviously results from previous personal contacts providing both parties with sufficient information necessary for responsible decision taking concerning the co-operation. It is very important for Dual to have an opportunity of getting acquainted with the environment where a prospective candidate is supposed to work already in this stage.

At the beginning of each candidate search mandate, it is necessary to consult and precisely determine the internal client’s situation and actual needs. Detailed analysis of the position we are looking the candidate for and its role in the entire client’s organisation structure is a part of the mentioned process. Such approach brings in the preconditions for the selection of the most appropriate candidate out of a group of relevant candidates from the perspective not only of his/her professional abilities but also personality features.

There is an important aspect of the search process, and namely anonymity of the client in respect of a candidate until the candidate exposes serious interest in the position offered to him. The selection of candidates to be introduced to the client for personal interview out of a wide group of prospects addressed is always based on experience, thoroughness and conscientiousness of those performing the selection. Besides information received directly from the candidate, references obtained by Dual from his/her previous employers and pairs based on mutual agreement play an important role.

The final decision in respect of the most successful candidate lies always with the client.

To verify accuracy of the choice, probation period of sufficient length is provided by Dual to the client when the candidate takes the office. Dual also offers the client with assistance in integration of the candidate into the company and familiarizing with new job during that period. Such offer is a part of the signed “Contract of collaboration”. It is useful to know that signing such Contract. It is useful to know that signing such Contract the client gets a guarantee that his employees will not be contacted and offered a different job for as minimum two years since the termination of co-operation with Dual.

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