Information For The Candidate

AInformation for the candidate candidate applying for a particular position has the guarantee of keeping unconditional confidentiality of the personal data provided by him, which may be disclosed to a third party only under his explicit consent. This rule applies fully also to the fact of Dual´s contact with the candidate.

If the candidate is approached by Dual, he is entitled to get consultation free of charge with the target of obtaining objective view as regards the most optimal solution of his actual situation. This includes information on a wide range of issues related to the process of his job or professional orientation change. Such consultation is usually not just one-shot matter – Dual understands it as long-term co-operation depending on needs, desires and possibilities of both parties.

The fact of candidate’s data inclusion into the Dual´s database itself is the subject to candidate’s free decision. The candidate has also the right to ask for having his data excluded from the database at any moment. During the whole period when the data are stored in Dual´s database in an electronic form, they are protected by a confidential password. Storage of personal data in a printed form is allowed only in locked premises of Dual company office.

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