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DualTwo men with phone company was established by Mr. Petr Vencovský in 2000.

Previous Mr. Vencovský´s professional experience in domestic and foreign trade and his direct contacts with the companies and persons involved in personnel consultancy were the main motions based on which the company was established.

Since the beginning of its existence Dual understands its role not only as a player bringing together clients and candidates but also mainly as their consultant and partner. To create such relationship, mutual openness and trust arising from consistent compliance with generally valid legal, moral ethic rules and standards represent unavoidable prerequisite.

The Dual company considers personnel consultancy work as specific, very sensitive and highly responsible one. We realize that we are working with the most valuable assets the clients have. People working in management positions of highly developed company structures have an immense impact on whether and how the investment made by the owners pays back. That is why relevant attention and care should be paid to the selection of the appropriate candidates. The final decision in respect of the best applicant should always be result of the process considering both the motivation of the client and candidate in a comprehensive and objective way resulting in the recommendation of an optimal solution.

Such a role can be performed best by an intermediary able to understand in deep the significance of the particular position in the company’s organizational structure, able to assess all data thoroughly, able to consult, evaluate and present an outcome of this process to the client.

That is exactly the approach Dual guarantees to its clients.

Seeking the achievement of its work high quality, Dual has entered an agreement on external co-operation with several other companies involved in the same kind of activities. Such co-operation includes not only consultancy but also coordination of work in particular projects if this is done for the benefit of a client, and if the client agrees with such approach.


Ing. Petr Vencovský has graduated Prague School of Economics. During his long-term professional career he worked in managerial positions with several companies of foreign and domestic trade. He has obtained practical and long-term experience in creation and management of working teams there.

In the area of personnel advisory he has successfully used the method of direct search for managers working in top and senior management positions, and delivered many successful projects, namely in the area of Industry, Trade, Finance, IT and Telecommunications.

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